Here in this section you will find all important information about our Video Tutorials, and other usefull Informations to create and convert Topos.

Video Tutorials:

With this videos we want to show you how you can transform a handillustrated topo into a vectorgraphic with the open-source tool Inkscape. In the videos we renounce shortkeys and other professional tricks and show you from the perspective of an Inkscape beginners how to work quickly and effectively with the tool.

There are no comments in the video, we use text overlays. To be able to read the text at rest simply presses the space key and the Vimeo player is paused, press the spacebar again to proceed. This also works with the VLC player, if you have downloaded a video.

RockTopo video tutorial 01

RockTopo video tutorial 02 

RockTopo video tutorial 03 

RockTopo video tutorial 04 

RockTopo video tutorial 05 

RockTopo video tutorial 06


RockTopo tutorial uiaa icons


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